How to monitor your internet connection speed

  • HI there I have a load balanced system, sadly not maintained/setup by pfSense. This is not by choice, but a closed source setup from my ISP. This load balanced system is a combination of aDSL and 4G, the latter gives me the speed. From time to time this combo gets messed up and I cannot find out why, as it is closed source. So I need "something" to periodically check my Internet speed, let's say every 15 minutes and report to me when the speed goes below a certain threshold.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. Looking for a solution in pfSense, Synology( Docker) or Unifi. I know there is a speedtest in Unifi, but it's useless, as I only use UAP's and nothing else from Unifi.

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    How about something like this... This seems like it would do exactly what your after

  • @johnpoz Thanks John for thinking along, I could consider buying a RP, for now I am looking out for other possible solutions .

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    there is nothing saying that could not run on a VM, or sure create a docker for it. I see nothing in that code specific to a pi.. Prob even run on pfsense, python really.

    The best part about that example was the sending to the outside service to track results, and use that service to know if you need to get alerted.. Since if your internet is say down, you sure are not going to get an email, etc. And they have the alerting stuff already coded to look at variables your uploading..

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