Update problems with snort

  • After a successful update to snort to the latest pkg I am getting the following errors in the logs…

    Jun 1 19:04:18 php: : There is a new set of Snort rules posted. Downloading...
    Jun 1 19:04:18 php: : Could not fetch snort rules (/tmp/snortRulesy8EEuK/snortrules-snapshot-2.8.tar.gz). Check oinkid key and dns and try again.

    Any ideas whats going?


  • Hey

    The new snort.org website broke the snort package.

    I had to code a fix please reinstall snort package.


  • jamesdean,

    Thank you for the help.
    I just reinstall the pkg and when it was downloading I notice it had the same version as the one I was running
    Is there a change to this pkg?
    Right now I am re downloading the initial update…. Is crawling! LOL :)
    I will test and see if there still the is after re install.

  • Snort.org is very slow to day just let it update. It should finnish. Mine took 30 minutes a few hours ago.


  • Right now is stuck in copying the signatures… Mhh is been about 20Min still copying..  ???

  • Man oh man

    Snort.org changed the way there files are downloaded. Third night in a row….

    If you could serialdie delete this whole thread...


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