Multi Lan setup??? Or maybe Wan.

  • I'm an admin for small office of 200 employees.  Our Cisco Pix died today.  We are trying to setup Pfsense to temporarily firewall our company until it's outsourced next month.

    Currently everything goes out of our main office.  Most users in our branches use Terminal server.  However we do have some laptop users.  We can't seem to get them on the Internet. 
    Each office is equipped with a router and it issues the IP addresses.

    So am I considered a multi Lan or Multi Wan?  IF either how can I get PFsense to allow internet traffic from the branches?

    Sorry if this is too vague.  I'm a low level admin.  :(

  • I don't get the picture atm. How many interfaces does your pfSense have? I also don't get where the laptops users are connected to. Maybe a small diagram might help me understand.

  • Ahhh  I think my boss just figured it out.  Apparently we didn't setup routing correctly.

    I need to go back to school.  :(

  • Haha, guess it was easier to handle than the cisco as you didn't even need a guide to set it up  ;D