SG-3100 LAN1 port as trunk help

  • HI,
    I have been trying to get trunking working on between the SG-3100 and a HP v1910 switch. I am 99% sure (never 100% :) ) the HP switch is configured correctly.

    So I want to make sure I have the Netgate configured correctly since this is my first time configuring one.

    Here are the steps I used to configure the Netgate:

    1. Create the vlan.

    2020-09-13 16_41_58- - Remote Desktop Connection.png

    1. Assign the interface.

    2020-09-13 16_34_08- - Remote Desktop Connection.png

    1. Enable and configure the IP address (applied the changes as well.

    2020-09-13 16_34_59- - Remote Desktop Connection.png

    1. Enabled 802.1q vlan mode and trunked vlan on 1 and 5 on LAN1. Removed LAN1 from vlan 1.

    2020-09-13 16_36_59- - Remote Desktop Connection.png

    1. Configure firewall rules to allow all traffic (for testing of course ;) ) and applied the rule

    2020-09-13 16_48_47- - Remote Desktop Connection.png


    I have port 1 connected to my HP on port 7 and have a test laptop connected to a port 6. HP 7 is a trunk point trunking vlan 3, HP port 6 is an access port in vlan 3.


    Right now I cannot ping the FW (

    Did I miss a part of the config???

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nope, that all looks good from what I can see.

    Do you have DHCP enabled on OPT2? Can a client pull a lease?

    Can you ping from the firewall out to the client?

    Are you using any other VLANs on that switch? Have you ever?

    I would run a packet capture on LAN with promiscuous mode enabled. With the view set to full you will see the VLAN3 tagged traffic. If you run a few pings you will be able to see if anything is making it that far in either direction. Obviously you should definitely see outgoing ping requests on VLAN3 there.


  • So, I turned on DHCP and low and behold, that worked. So I went back and put a static in and now that works. Rebooted a couple times to make sure it stayed working and it did.

    Have no idea what was hung. But thanks for verifying I had everything above correct. Hopefully someone else can use it for configuring it themselves. The documentation out there is good, but not great for a more top to bottom of the type I needed...

    Anyway, thanks for the help....

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