Pfsense 'Clear Package Lock' not working

  • I've had PFsense running for while and wanted to change from a 3.5in 500gb HD to a 2.5in 80gb I have. I first made a copy of the config from Back and Restore and installed a freshly downloaded ISO onto the 2.5in HD - I used Ventoy which VERY good BTW.

    All went well with the new install until I restored the config.xml back in, everything is working apart from I get the annoying message -

    'Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background.
    Do not make changes in the GUI until this is complete.
    If the above message is still displayed after a couple of hours, use the 'Clear Package Lock' button on the Diagnostics > Backup & Restore page and reinstall packages manually.

    (I left it overnight to reinstall itself)

    Which never goes away even after a reboots. I've tried unlocking and click reinstall packages but that fails owing to a lock on another package, just gives an ID. I really don't want to manually start from square one as it seems pointless to have 'Backup and Restore'.

  • I've started over with a fresh install, reloaded all the packages I use first then ran a config reinstall and still I get the same package lock.

    Any ideas what I can do ?

    screencapture-pfsense-pkg-mgr-installed-php-2020-09-18-18_24_40.png screencapture-pfsense-2020-09-18-18_27_07.png

    Clicking Start Service fails ...

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