Newbie Question: Same Firewall rules for both WAN's

  • Hello Community,
    i wanted to set up the firewall in pfsense 2.0-alpha – my setup is 1 LAN and 2 WANs with LoadBalacing. The 2 WANs are in one Tier.
    Is there any comfortable method to block all ports except for example 80 & 21 without typing all rules seperatly for each device? Maybe with "Floating Rule"? Used the search function already but I didn't get the key for what floating should be... And maybe I am assuming false solution...


  • after reading for hours i think i get the key:
    i have to configure both in the lan tab….  ???
    just tried to add https ports and other protocols to an alias... like in for 1.2, but i dont know where to use them, they seem useless as i can't use them on firewall-> rules to specify that they all should go with failover primarly on wan1…  :-[

  • As a newbie, you really shouldn't be running 2.0.  It's still a work in progress and not meant for any use beyond testing right now.  There is no way to determine that the problems you may encounter are configuration related versus bugs in the system.

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