SG-5100 CPU usage consistently at 70 to 80%

  • Should I be concerned that my SG-5100 CPU usage is running consistently at between 70 and 80%? Nothing else looks too odd:

    State table: 8%
    MBUF: 4%
    Temp: 38 degrees
    Mem: 9%
    Netgate SG-5100

    There are about 5 openVPN users and the network load maxes out at 80 Mbs (in)/60 Mp/s (out). Average is much less.

    Any way to find what is using the CPU? I'm a little concerned because I'd like to add a few more OpenVPN users and maybe kick up the internet connection from 500 mb/b to 1gb/s (which wouldn't increase the actual bandwidth used)

  • @klubar said in SG-5100 CPU usage consistently at 70 to 80%:

    Any way to find what is using the CPU

    Diagnostics/System Activity will show processes.

  • Here is what I'm seeing:

    64605 root        103    0  7004K  2364K CPU1    1 4923.7 100.00% /usr/local/bin/rate -i ix0 -nlq 1 -Aba 
    79469 root        103    0  7004K  2368K CPU0    0 391.8H 100.00% /usr/local/bin/rate -i ovpns2 -nlq 1 -A
    81856 root        103    0  7004K  2364K CPU3    3 5450.8  99.46% /usr/local/bin/rate -i ix2 -nlq 1 -Aba 
       11 root        155 ki31     0K    64K RUN     1 3281.5  43.36% [idle{idle: cpu1}]
       11 root        155 ki31     0K    64K RUN     3 2535.3  37.79% [idle{idle: cpu3}]

  • Netgate Administrator

    Haven't seen that in a long while. Those rate processes should not be there.

    Looks like they are running on different interfaces there. Do you have something monitoring bandwidth on each of those?


  • On Netgate's advice I rebooted the device and the CPU usage dropped back to less than 10% The only thing I can think of is that I leave the bandwidth monitor up all the time and that somehow created rogue processes. I guess I will not do that now.

    I also updated the software to the latest version (2.4.5-RELEASE-p1) from 2.4.4p3 but I don't think that was the issue.

    Thanks for everyone's help.

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