pfSense older versions for regression testing / bug hunting

  • I am trying to find out when a crippling routing bug may have been introduced into pfSense, and thus I need access to older versions for this regression testing.

    Are there online archives of older versions? This is to help the pfSense distribution, and anyone who runs OSPF on the latest version which is essentially borked right now in a subtle but fundamental way. Thank you.

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    There are no official online archives of older versions.


  • I have this lying around...


  • Thanks for the responses. Taking to search I found this

    Hopefully not spyware-ransomware embedded, but I am only using it in a closed off lab so should be OK.

    Now that I think about it - not providing older versions (for sake of regression testing like I'm doing) really puts users at more risk if they are forced to go elsewhere for older versions.

    It's a bit of an own goal if you ask me, but is what it is. I'll take my chances, and try and remember to offline store the installation ISOs and checksums from now on.

    I never expected I'd be regression testing this product, but then again, I didn't expect pfSense to have such a dire FRR OSPF bug (which OPNsense doesn't have... but it has other issues so not keen to turf all my config out the window just yet!).

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