Proxy server is working fine but traffic management is not working

  • Hi,
        I installed squid and using  as a transparent proxy in pfsense is working fine.I am able to block the sites. But in traffic management menu i restricted the download size.
    My problem is it is not working for unrestricted IP. i.e. Unrestricted IP's are also not able to download more than that what i specified size in traffic management.
    But unrestricted IP's are able to browse blocked sites.There is no squid guard .
    Any suggestions..?
    Thank You

  • I have the same problem…I am able to acces unrestricted sites...but I am not able to download more than configured in traffic managment

  • comment the following in that will look = "#pass ….

    $rules .= "pass in quick on $iface proto tcp from any to !($iface) port 80 flags S/SA keep state\n";
    $rules .= "pass in quick on $iface proto tcp from any to !($iface) port $port flags S/SA keep state\n";

  • Thanks for response .I did what you suggested but no was not working.
    Do you have documentation for this if you have please give me link.

  • some won't work. but some will do. you may have to read some info on how pf and altq rules works.

    but in firewall lan rules (blocking or pass thingi should work perfectly).

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