SSD + Squid = ???

  • I've searched the forum for any thread discussing the use of SSD's and Squid Proxy Server and didn't find much.  I'm planning on building up a pfsense box for my home network and would like to run Squid Proxy Server with Squid Guard.  I'd appreciate the opinions of those in the know as to how an SSD may hold up to proxy server use.  I'd think that the SSD would deliver great speed but wonder about the reliability of SSD's in what I have to believe would be pretty hard use.


  • There are a wide range and quality of SSDs out there and it's still early days yet to say whether they match hard disks in terms of reliability.

    Assuming you don't buy bargin basement but buy a quality one (Intel are currently viewed as the best) then you should be fine.  Even if you buy a cheap one, assuming you're looking at a small office/home office type solution you should be fine.

  • Unless you're servicing a ridiculous amount of clients, you won't see any speed enhancement from using a solid state drive over a standard drive and squid.  The potential result isn't worth the financial outlay.

  • I've set up a pfSesnse box with squid running on an SSD in my parent's home.  The choice of SSD was for noise and power.  It's all in a standard mid-tower case, but is nearly silent.  No issues yet.

  • May I ask which SSD you installed and how long has it been running?

    Thanks for taking the time…

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