pfSense, Hyper-V and VLANs - No IP on VMs

  • Hello,

    Let me get right into the requirements of what I am trying to achieve.

    I currently have a dedicated Pfsense box with 4 Network ports and a Windows Server 2019 with 2 NICs. I would like to use NIC1 on the server for management of the host. NIC2 should be used to provide VLAN access to the Hyper-V VMs.

    Interface 1 - WAN
    Interface 2 - LAN (not part of the requirement)
    Interface 3 - MANAGEMENT (connected directly to NIC1 of the server)
    Interface 4 - VMS. (connected directly to NIC2 of the server) This interface does not have a parent interface. It just has VLANs setup with dedicated interfaces for each VLAN.

    On the host server, if possible, I would like to setup a virtual switch for each VLAN. if this is not possible I can also setup all the VMs on the same virtual switch and tag each VM with the appropriate VLAN in the VM's network settings.

    I did not manage to get any of the VMs obtain an IP. Tried setting them up as DHCP and Static.
    I also eliminated my physical switch to narrow down the issue.

    Does any one have a similar setup ? is this even achievable ?
    I would like to avoid having a physical interface on the router and a physical NIC for each VM I have.

    Any pointers are much appreciated.


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