zabbix proxy issues?

  • Hi
    I was wondering if someone has accomplished the zabbix proxy on pfSense?
    Currently this is what i have set up
    so zabbix server is my pfsense proxy on another site is 209.xx.xx.xx which shows connected on the proxy of Zabbix

    on my agent medusa which has an Internal IP i point the agent config to pfSense which then the WAN ip is the 209.XX.XX.XX

    So on my zabbix server i create the host medusa with the LAN ip and chose the proxy ?

    Site A ------------------------------------ Site B

    zabbix server ------------------------------ pfsense proxy------------------Medusa

    ( ---------------- 209.xx.xx.xx -------------

    this is the config of my agent medusa which points to the pfSense IP which runs the proxy which then points to my zabbix server

    ### Option: ServerActive
    #       List of comma delimited IP:port (or DNS name:port) pairs of Zabbix servers and Zabbix proxies for active checks.
    #       If port is not specified, default port is used.
    #       IPv6 addresses must be enclosed in square brackets if port for that host is specified.
    #       If port is not specified, square brackets for IPv6 addresses are optional.
    #       If this parameter is not specified, active checks are disabled.
    #       Example: ServerActive=,zabbix.domain,[::1]:30051,::1,[12fc::1]
    # Mandatory: no
    # Default:
    # ServerActive=
    ### Option: Hostname
    #       Unique, case sensitive hostname.
    #       Required for active checks and must match hostname as configured on the server.
    #       Value is acquired from HostnameItem if undefined.
    # Mandatory: no
    # Default:
    # Hostname=

    Thank you

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