ipse pfsense asa with 2 local networks

  • Hey All,

    I have problems to get the following ipsec setup running,

    local: (pfsense 2.4.5) , with local networks and
    remote (asa 5512 9.9) with remote network

    I can establish phase 1 with success

    I have defined 2 phase-2 entries on local pfsense, both tunnel ipv4.

    1. local network remote network
    2. local network remote network

    On cisco ASA i defined a crypto map for:
    Source: : destination,, Service: IP.

    Ok so far.

    When i disable one for the local phase-2 entries, the activeated part ist running. So both phase-2 entries are working for it own.

    But with both entries activated, i can (for example) ping only initiated from one interface on my pfsense.

    I have already activated ,,Split Connections" in phase 1 definition.

    Where I am short of brain to get this up and running for both local networks?

    Thanke Lukas

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