Setup pfsense for Plusnet (UK ISP)

  • I have a Plusnet router provided by ISP. Its not great and i had an idea to turn an old PC into a pfsense router, then attach a wireless access point for wifi. I'm new to this and not sure i've done it right

    Installation of pfsense went fine, LAN setup fine. WAN is not working and don't know why!

    Please forgive my ignorance on the setup if it is wrong!! The setup is ADSL microfilter attached to phone line. Ethernet cable attached to this into pfsense router. LAN cable attached to laptop to 'see' pfsense router.

    WAN is always showing as N/A. My guess is the ADSL microfilter doesn't act as a 'modem' properly? It is set as PPPOE with username and password input correctly.

    Any help would be great.


  • @Hunta If this is what you have between your phone outlet and pfsense WAN then you need to get an ADSL modem in between and hope you haven't fried your ethernet port.

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