FRR 0.6.7_6 - BGP ipv6 advertised routes

  • I am trying to share a route via BGP to peer.

    I have the neighborship setup and it is established

    IPv6 Unicast Summary:
    BGP router identifier, local AS number 65006 vrf-id 0
    BGP table version 1
    RIB entries 4, using 736 bytes of memory
    Peers 2, using 27 KiB of memory
    Neighbor               V         AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ  Up/Down State/PfxRcd
    2606:0000:1111:5::13  4      65001     104     102        0    0    0 01:40:10            1
    OutFW.localdomain# show bgp ipv6 neighbors 2606:0000:1111:5::13 advertised-routes

    Now you'd ask well are you setup to share any networks.

    neighbor 2606:0000:1111:5::13 remote-as 65001
    neighbor 2606:0000:1111:5::13 description 9k-v6
    address-family ipv6 unicast
     network 2606:0000:a100::/56 route-map 2v6
     network 2606:0000:a101::/56 route-map 2v6
     neighbor 2606:0000:1111:5::13 activate
     no neighbor 2606:0000:1111:5::13 send-community
     neighbor 2606:0000:1111:5::13 prefix-list 2-ipv6 out
    ipv6 prefix-list 2-ipv6 description VRF DSL2 ipv6
    ipv6 prefix-list 2-ipv6 seq 1 permit 2606:0000:a100::/56
    ipv6 prefix-list 2-ipv6 seq 2 permit 2606:0000:a101::/56
    route-map 2v6 permit 3
    match ip address prefix-list 2-ipv6

    So above is my neighborship, ipv6 unicast, prefix-list, and route map.

    But then why is the bgp v6 not advertising the routes to my neighbor?

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  • !
    address-family ipv6 unicast
     network 2606:0000:a100::/56
     network 2606:0000:a101::/56
     neighbor 2606:0000:a120:5::12 activate
     neighbor 2606:0000:a120:5::13 activate
     no neighbor 2606:0000:a120:5::13 send-community

    So i changed the above to remove the route-map

    And this allowed peering to come online.

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