Dynamic DNS Client problem with DigitalOcean

  • I was trying to follow the instructions to configure the Dynamic DNS for DigitalOcean service, I've followed the guide but the after I finish the configuration and save-force the update the system it doesn't work.
    This is what I see from the DDNS config page:
    Immagine 2020-09-25 215503.png
    As you can see the NO-IP DDNS works but the DigitalOcean doesn't. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong in the configuration, but I don't know what.
    As you can see I think I've followed the instructions, I've put the record ID as the hostname (left side) and then the domain on the right field. On the password field I've put the API token (as required) but as I said before when I push save/force update nothing happens, or at least the resume page shows that the DNS IP update wasn't successful.
    I start wondering if this functionality is working or there is some kind of problem/bug/issue.
    Has anyone any idea or already solved this problem?

  • Having same issue - have never been able to get this to work .

  • @vacquah I wrote a python script that automatically retrieves (given your DigitalOcean API Key) your "A records" and updates them with the current IP. But since pfSense has not official support for python (you could still managed to install it but on a router it's not really recommended) I set also a cron job on a local machine and execute that script every hour. Lemme know if you're interested, maybe I could put it on gitHub.

  • @fearlessfara thank you - but got it working. Its exactly how you set it up the first time - but I used digitalocean - not digitalocean(v6)

  • @vacquah Could you please explain how you got it working? I also use IPv4.

  • @fearlessfara - the setup is the same as in your original post:

    • set service type field to "digitalocean" not "digitalocean(v6)"

    • use record id in the hostname field and the domain in the domain field - record id obtained with the curl get script with the api and domain name.

    • for password, use the api key generated on digitalocean ( same api key used to get the record id above.

    • TTL = 3600

    • Description is anything you want.

    if its not working, its possible you are using the wrong record id. check the output of the curl script.

    curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <api key here>" "https://api.digitalocean.com/v2/domains/<domain here>/records"

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