No custom NAT ports will work.. Forbidden

  • Setting up a "simple" NAT on a media server. No matter what CUSTOM port I try I get a "Forbidden" message when attempting to access from the browser. Im attempting to forward 8888 -> 8096. The firewall rule is automatically created and the connection shows up in the list of states. Im accessing through a VPN connection to test it as well as a phone via 4G. Both IPs show up in states as well
    Where it gets weird I can forward ports from the drop down lists no problem, 22, 80 etc..
    I had the same problem trying to NAT openvpn over a non standard port but to get it to work I had to use the default drop down (openvpn) port 1194.

  • Figured it out. I'm an idiot! Needed to enable remote access in media server.

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