1 wan , 1 lan, 1 bridge , bandwith priorities on bridge.

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to reserve (prioritize) bandwidth for specific interface that is not being NATed or/and firewalled.


    bge0 WAN (static public ip) (100 Mbits/ symmetrical)
    bge3 physical LAN (2 VLANS ) regular NAT (some limiters and traffic shaping from the wizard)
    bge2 connected to another device that is NOT managed by pfSense but passes through (device configured for another static public IP) this interface does not have an IP address or any configuration .
    bridge0 connected between bge0 and bge2

    I have multiple public IP's on my WAN link.

    What i need to accomplish:

    Link to bge2 MUST be a priority if this link requires bandwidth it SHOULD get what it wants.

    All other bandwidth should be left for the 2 LAN vlan's

    I have set net.link.bridge.pfil_member to 0 and net.link.bridge.pfil_bridge to 1

    Is it possible to set bandwidth priority on that bridge/bge2 interface ?

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