OpenBGPd disconnect between GUI config and config file.

  • Hi, I recently started working towards replacing an older cisco router with a PFSENSE box. part of this is a need to establish BGP between remote cisco boxes.

    While setting up BGP the session would not come up. the fix was to add remote-as option to the neighbour settings. There is a spot in the GUI for this, but when you configure it, it does not change the config file. Manually putting the entry in the file clears the issue, but the file is then subsequently overwritten.

    To the best of what I can see many of hte gui options listed are not passed into the config file.

    Has anyone else seen this ? is there a fix to this ?

  • Please use the FRR package for BGP/OSPF
    OpenBGPd is not maintained

  • Good to know, Thanks for the reply!

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