Marvell switch (XG-7100) no communication with Realtek R8169 NIC

  • I have my XG-7100 setup with a vlan on a couple of ports. I have a small SBC (single board computer) with a Realtek R8169 NIC plugged into eth6.

    I have pretty much ruled out the realtek device being the problem. They work on every other switch (cisco) or router (tplink) I plug it into. I've tried several different cables of varying lengths and even got another identical realtek nic and it doesn't work either. The realtek device has both the correct firmware and driver installed (debian 10)

    Eth6 is tagged with vlan130, and set to default (autoselect). The LEDs on the xg7100 side is green and activity LED is blinking. The LED on the realtek side is Amber and activity LED is also blinking. The LED is also Amber when plugged in and WORKING on other switches/routers.

    All the pcaps I've done show traffic (on the same subnet) is just timing out. There is no firewall on the realtek device.

    Is there any more granular troubleshooting I can do on the marvell switch?

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    @erasedhammer said in Marvell switch (XG-7100) no communication with Realtek R8169 NIC:

    Eth6 is tagged with vlan130

    Is the SBC expecting dot1q tagged traffic?

  • I don't fully understand marvell switch configurations, but I would believe eth6 is acting as an access port for my vlan, which means the traffic is only getting tagged inbound, not outbound to the device?

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    It is just like any other switch. The VLAN is tagged or untagged.

    If you wan an "Access port" on VLAN 130 you need to:

    Create VLAN 130 in pfSense on lagg0
    Assign lagg0.130 to an interface
    Enable it and number it
    Add DHCP servers, firewall rules, etc

    In the switch chip you need to create VLAN 130 and TAG it to ports 9 and 10 and set port 6 UNTAGGED.

    Then set the PVID on port 6 to 130.

  • Okay, then how I have it configured it is definitely an access port. I have other devices on vlan130 that work fine (but they are Intel nics)

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    Not tracking any incompatibilities with realtek NICs connecting to the 7100 switch ports.

    Drop to a shell and post the output of etherswitchcfg

  • Well theres my problem...
    I was caught up in configuring the port itself I forgot to add the port to the vlan group!

    Communication is now working.

    As always, thank you for the help!

    pvid: 130
    media: Ethernet autoselect (1000baseT <full-duplex>)
    status: active
    members 9,10
    vlan: 130
    members 7,8,9t,10t

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