WAN connection stops working when Pro Tools uploads to the cloud

  • I use Pro Tools First to do some audio recording which has a cloud component that it backs up to. Whenever it uploads tracks, I start seeing increasing packet loss until no traffic will pass through my WAN connection. The only way to restore connectivity is to reboot the PFsense.

    I have completely ruled out my ISP and my modem (I actually replaced the modem just in case). I turned off Snort just in case that was the issue, but that didn't do anything. The only thing that seemed to work was turning on traffic shaping, but when I have larger tracks that I need to upload, I see the pattern happen all over again.

    I'm really out of ideas on what could be causing a simple file upload to the cloud to render the PFsense's WAN connection dead until the device is rebooted. Any ideas?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What are you running pfsense on? When you say you replaced the modem, it really was a modem.. Or a gateway (modem/router combo) What is the model number? What upload speed to you have? Your pfsense wan is pubic IP or rfc1918?

    I run uploads all the time, plex server serving up to friends and family.. I just uploaded over 45GB of stuff for just the other day for my friend..

    Looks like I do over 400GB a month


    Never seen an issue.. The other day when I was uploading, pretty much pegging my upload pipe for hours.. No traffic shaping, no need to really do anything at all..

    So to try and figure out your issue going to need some more info. You say you start seeing packet loss, well yeah if that happens at some point pfsense is going to kill the connection on its own once it thinks its gateway is offline..

    Can we see your quality graph when this happens... For example you can see here while my response time did go up while uploading that large 45GB of data.. There was no packet loss.


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