XG7100 DDR4-2400 1.2V SODIMM (NON ECC)

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    So searching the internet as to why the XG7100 fails to boot when installing a 16GB DDR4-2400 1.2V SODIMM (NON ECC) (crucial CT16G4SFD824A) memory module and come to find i am not the only one.
    i installed the module and the fan runs full and device will not boot, nothing showing via console using screen /dev/ttyUSB0 etc.
    can some one please confirm if this non ecc memory module is compatible with the xg7100

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    @snigy said in XG7100 DDR4-2400 1.2V SODIMM (NON ECC):


    That part should work. It must match the onboard RAM which is also non-ECC.

    As I said in the thread you linked, when you add the additional RAM the memory has to be retrained by Coreboot and it can take much longer than you might think. Like 10mins. During that time there is no console output and the fan controller has not yet been configured so the fans run at max.


  • have confirmed the onboard memory k4a8g165wb-bcrc is a Samsung DDR4-2400 memory module, same speed ram as the additional module trying to install.
    unable to find any information on the motherboard make or model.
    have installed new memory stick and left for 60 minutes and would not boot, i have never heard of such BS.
    looks like when the new ram is installed there is no code being executed from the bios, wondering if you need to change some jumpers on the board to disable onboard memory ?

    any help would be appreciated.

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    No, it should not take that long. There are no jumpers.

    It does have to train the new total RAM when it changes. And that certainly takes longer than I expected but not more than 15mins. I think it took ~10m when I last did it.

    If it cannot post after 60mins the RAM you are fitting is incompatible for some reason or broken preventng it booting.


  • @stephenw10 thanks for your input. would you know the make and model of the motherboard ?

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    The board is made specifically for us for that application. It has an internal part number but it means nothing outside our stock systems.

    I would expect the module you are fitting to work. The part number you gave matches the specs of the part we fit ourselves.
    I will say that when we started building these we found that some RAM modules that were supplied as identical did not work and had a different sub-part number.

    If you can test that in something else I would do that. It may just be a bad module.


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    How long have you had this system?
    Have you upgraded coreboot on the system since you've had it?
    If you have, do you recall roughly how long ago that was?

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