Open VPN problem

  • There's two servers connected to the same VPN which is hosted in an OFF-SITE pfsense

    This is the problem:

    If I ping server2 the packets go through the local router and I get the proper response from the server2 lan address.

    If I ping Server1 the packet goes through the VPN and since the VPN server is offsite the packet never reaches the LAN address.

    I alrady checked the off-site pfsense openvpn server and it's "IPv4 Local network(s)" is empty so it shouldn't be doing this. This setting was incorrectly configured to the LAN network but it was later removed, which fixed the problem on the other server but not on server2.

    Config on the problematic server:
    dev tun
    cipher AES-128-CBC
    ncp-ciphers AES-128-GCM
    auth SHA256
    resolv-retry infinite
    remote <EXTERNALIP> 1194 udp4
    verify-x509-name "<CERTNAME>" name
    auth-user-pass password.txt
    pkcs12 pfSense-UDP4-1194-etfs2.p12
    tls-auth pfSense-UDP4-1194-etfs2-tls.key 1
    remote-cert-tls server

    how can I fix this?

  • @Robert2020
    Presumeably server2 has its default route poining to the VPN gateway.

    So check its routing table when the VPN is up and again when the VPN is down and also check the VPN logs to see if the routes are added by OpenVPN.

  • You were right, an entry on the routing table was off, for some reason, after deleting the ovpn client, user and custom client configs and re-doing them all, it worked fine. Thanks.

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