firmware upgrade seems to have bricked the unit - how do we fix this?

  • Hi all,

    We just tried setting up my new - netgate SG-1100 with pfsense

    • We got the basics setup ok

    • Then my friend installed the software firmware update

    • as the update was finishing - it said wait while it reboots (or something like that) - then kept recycling over and over - never finishing

    • after that it seemed to brick the unit - and said that certain things could not be found - related to PHP etc.

    q: So now what? How Do we get this working?

    q: Since it is new do I create a ticket or something?

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    Open a ticket with Netgate:
    They will provide you the original pfSense Image for the SG-1100


  • Something is definitely screwy with the upgrade. I semibricked my netgate box last week bringing it up to date.. I still have console and was able to start sshd from that so it's 'up' in some definitions of 'up' but it is a sick puppy. I've tried a pkg upgrade but there seems to still be a lot of stuff missing.

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    Yeah if you open a ticket, they will be sure to help you very quickly with factory version.

    Out of curiosity, since this is new unit - what version did it come with 2.4.5p1 has been out for a while. I would think it would of come with that already installed?

    I take it was something earlier? And you were going to 2.4.5p1, or where you trying to put on 2.5beta?

  • my issue seems to be that for some reason something still wants the old php stuff which has been zapped.
    I'd load a new one but don't know how to get it,.
    lots of message like;
    Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '' (tried: /usr/local/lib/php/20131226/ (/usr/local/lib/php/20131226/ invalid file format), /usr/local/lib/php/20131226/ (/usr/local/lib/php/20131226/ invalid file format)) in Unknown on line 0

    note old version....

    and in the old version directory all the files are now 0 bytes long.
    I suspect it ran out of space at one stage of the upgrade.
    I'd load new (old) copies but don't know where to find that old version of php pkg.

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