Logging extern syslog on Pfsense Syslog-ng.

  • Hello,

    I try to log my Cisco WAP on the Pfsense Syslog-ng, but nothing arrives there.
    I use the Syslog-ng default port 5140 and have also set this on the wap.
    A nmap scan shows the port is open / filtered.
    What do I have to do so that Syslog-ng accepts the data?


  • Depending on what interface your Cisco WAP is on, you may need to add the proper firewall rules on that interface in pfSense. The default rules for the LAN are usually "allow all in" on the interface, but other interfaces or VLANs you create would not have that same default. So you would need to explicitly allow the syslog-ng traffic.

    I've never used the syslog-ng package on pfSense, but there may also be some security settings within the package that you need to adjust in order to allow remote devices (your Cisco WAP, for example) to log to the service.

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