Traffic Shaping on LAN

  • Hi Everyone! I need clarification about limiters, the more I watch videos on youtube the more I get confused.

    I have created a limiter with 10Mbps speed. 10DOWN is masked to destination address using /32 mask bits and 10UP is masked to source address using /32 mask bits.

    On my LAN firewall rules, I set the In Pipe to 10UP and Out Pipe to 10Down.
    I have existing 11 users, I noticed that I need to set the limiter to 110 Mbps so that every user can get the expected speed of around 9.3Mbps connection.

    But according to the documentation if I set the limiter to 10Mbps masked it will create an individual bucket assigned per IP. But it was not the case, can anyone enlighten me on this please.

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