Green network (Mgmt) cannot talk out to Internet

  • I have been running pfSense for a number of years. I am totally stuck on this one. Please bear with me as it probably illustrates my lack of knowledge but after reading and working I'm still stuck.

    Problem Summary: Green network cannot talk out to Internet

    pfSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3
    (Red) WAN x.x.x.85 - GW Opt3 - x.x.x.81
    (Orange) LAN1 y.x.x.226
    (Green) Mgmt - GW Opt1 -

    Detailed Description: I have 12+ servers on my pfSense firewall. I have a range of public IP addresses. To date, each server has an Orange interface and a green Interface. Each Orange interface has one or more public IP's assigned to it (ie y.x.x.x) and a Green interface (ie 192.168.6.x). Each go to their own respective switches and tie to pfSense. So everything has had a 1:1 tie to a public IP address.

    There are some servers that do not need a public IP - they interact only on the Green network between servers. However, they do need to talk out to the Internet for REST API calls, etc. I would like to drop the Orange (public) IP for these servers and just have them on the Green. But Green does not talk out to the Internet.

    Under Firewall...NAT...Outbound I selected "Hybrid Outbound NAT" and I've added one additional Mapping for "" for Any.

    On a server (Linux) I do:
    route del default
    route add default gw enp129s0f1

    then if I do a route command it hangs for an extended period and gives me the following:

    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface
    default gateway UG 0 0 0 enp129s0f1
    link-local U 1009 0 0 enp129s0f1 U 0 0 0 enp129s0f1

    I cannot ping or x.x.x.85

    So I did the following:

    route del default
    route add default gw enp129s0f1

    The route command still hangs for a while and displays the same as before.

    I can ping and x.x.x.85
    I can not ping or any other outside IP address

    Any help in getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.

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