Installing without actual WAN/LAN IP address

  • I am building and installing a pfSense box for a friend and was wondering if I could just assign a static IP on my LAN as the WAN IP for the installation purposes.

    I would also want to set up his LAN network (a different subnet than my own LAN obviously) with all the rules etc, so that once it's ready, all I have to do is install the pfsense box between his modem and switch, change the WAN IP and that's it.

    Would that be possible to do? Anything in particular that I should take into account?


  • pfSense uses 192.168.1.x as default LAN (on install)

    If your existing (home) LAN has that range , you would have to change the pfSense default Lan range during install.

    Else the way i use for easy install , is just to install (default).
    After install , connect a PC to to the pfSense LAN (you'll get a dhcp addy in the 192.168.1.x range) , login as admin ... Customize the rest & reboot.

    You could change the pfSense LAN range via console , if you know the "target" lan.


  • Also, just connect the WAN interface to your LAN and let it use DHCP. That way it will be ready to go when you connect it to your modem.

  • Thank you both for your replies.
    @bingo600 , my existing home LAN in not in the default and I plan to install the default for him, so I should be OK.

    @JKnott yeah, that makes sense...that way there wouldn't even be any need to explicitly change the WAN IP during deployment.

    glad to know that it's just as easy :)

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