Multi WAN via single interface

  • I have 4 xDSL connections connected to the WAN interface on my SG-3100. The reason for this is they are all subpar and thus I need to load balance them. Perfomance on the WAN interface is never gonna be an issue.

    I have configured the DSL modems for different /24 subnets and are adding the 3 additional nets as virtual IP and then adds the gateways under Routing.

    I can ping the gateway via diagnostics, but I cannot get traffic to travel out of it. I have tried building Hybrid Outbound NAT rules, but I cannot find the right combination.
    Currently the additional gateways are also marked as down, which they were not previously. When I did have them up and I mostly believed I had everything right, it turned out that NAT traffic from my LAN were always exiting on the same WAN.

    Can anyone provide the steps I need to successfully set this up?

  • Could you please tell a bit more about your setup how exactly you have configured everything (without too personal information of course ;) )? As you mention xDSL, I assume you are using PPPoE? If this is the case, please consider that the IPs/subnets you configured is only to access the management interface. PPPoE (as the name already says) works on Ethernet level (not IP level) and I'm not sure if this works over the same physical interface (not only in theory but also with real equipment), have never seen that.

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