Either your LAN or WAN interface doesn't support ALTQ?

  • Hi there.

    I am getting the following message when trying to run the traffic shaping wizard:

    "Either your LAN or WAN interface doesn't support ALTQ. The wizard cannot continue."

    I am running pfSense  from a 128MB CF card, installed from the CD and with /etc/platform changed to "wrap". It seems to work okay generally. System is a Fujitsu Futro 1.3GHz Celeron with 512MB RAM. It has a built in Intel (fxp) based internal NIC which I am using for the WAN, and a dual-NIC Compaq Netelligent PCI card which uses the tl driver.

    LAN is tl1, OPT1 is tl1. I have the OPT1 interface bridged to LAN (I have an XBOX connected to it, for physical layout reasons it's easier that way).

    Why is traffic shaping not supported on these interfaces? I can't see any reason it shouldn't be.


  • trafic shaping don't work on bridged interfaces

  • Thanks, jeroen234.

    I tried removing the bridge but it didn't help, I still can't use the wizard.

  • tl1 is not a supported altq interface:

    The driver modifications described in altq(9) are required to use a cer-
        tain network card with ALTQ.  They have been applied to the following
        hardware drivers: an(4), ath(4), awi(4), bfe(4), bge(4), dc(4), de(4),
        ed(4), em(4), fxp(4), hme(4), lnc(4), re(4), rl(4), sf(4), sis(4), sk(4),
        ste(4), vr(4), wi(4), and xl(4).

  • sullrich, many thanks for your reply.

    I will have to change NICs.