Install pfSense on Microdrive using a PC with a single NIC

  • I want to install pfSense on a microdrive using a PC with a single NIC. It turns out that I need to pass the network configuration part before I get to the install options. Since it only has a single nic it won't allow me to pass this installation section. Is there a work around.

    By the way I've also tried the VMware images but when I want to enable the USB connection to the VMware host it complains that this is not supported under ESX server 3.x. However I am using VMware 6.5.

    What the quickest route to installing the latest pfSense version on the Microdrive?

  • You need 2 interfaces.
    What point has a firewall with only one interface?

    (vlans count as interface)

  • Thnx!

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