What would you do with a FREE Cisco 2600?

  • I recently won a Cisco 2611XM Router from my company's old hardware lottery and I'd like use it at home, mainly to just familiarize myself with a Cisco product.  I've had a pfSense firewall in place for about 2 years now (love it) and it's configured basically like this…

            |              |              |
          LAN          DMZ          WIFI
            |              |              |

    My coworker is telling me the 2600 may have minimal firewall capabilities but will not come close to pfSense's functionality.  He also said you need a Cisco license for each internal device that wants a static IP.

    The 2600 unit I have has 2 ethernet ports and no WIC cards.  But I'm considering buying the 16port 10/100 Network Module I found on ebay for $20.

    What would you do with this thing???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will probably route IP just fine, but chances are you need more than that.

    Its feature set depends on the IOS image present on the device, and could be limited to IP Routing only. It will probably have ACLs (Access Lists, aka Firewall Rules), but who know what else. You can lookup the features in an IOS image on the Cisco site.

    Even with its full feature set, it wouldn't ever really be as useful as a pfSense box would, and the configuration would be a lot more difficult.

  • I've only got a single IP address, so it's pretty much useless huh?  I think I'll boot it up and see what it's got but I'm not expecting anymore.

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