pfctl: cxl0: driver does not support altq

  • Hello Everyone,

    I've setup a recent build of 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 on new hardware, everything seemed to be working fine but found that VoIP, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom meetings and calls were unreliable, video and audio lockups, jittering, etc.

    After some research, the common recommendation was to enable CODELQ on the WAN interface. In doing so, I get an error stating the driver my NIC interface is using does not support altq.

    Full Error:
    There were error(s) loading the rules: pfctl: cxl0: driver does not support altq - The line in question reads [0]:

    The NIC hardware I'm using is a Chelsio T520-BT. From what I understood this NIC card was supposed to be fully supposed on PFsense.

    I've seen some post from a few years ago but no strong solutions I could see. It looked like this was a common issue on build 2.4.4, and one post referencing 0 needing to be changed to 1. However my system is already showing that setting ( 1) so that did not help.

    I have tried to enable some packing shaping as a limiter, using CoDel and FQ_CODEL settings, but that did not seem to help. Not sure if it's part of the altq driver issue, or something else.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • LAYER 8

    Uhm strange, I don't have that card but it's considered altq capable, cxl is there
    I think is related to Hyper-V, I can't find a reference to Chelsio

    function is_altq_capable($int) {
            /* Per:
             * Only the following drivers have ALTQ support
             * 20150328 - removed wireless drivers - ath, awi, bwn, iwi, ipw, ral, rum, run, wi - for now. redmine #4406
            $capable = array("ae", "age", "alc", "ale", "an", "aue", "axe", "bce",
                            "bfe", "bge", "bridge", "cas", "cpsw", "cxl", "dc", "de",
                            "ed", "em", "ep", "epair", "et", "fxp", "gem", "hme", "hn",
                            "igb", "jme", "l2tp", "le", "lem", "msk", "mxge", "my",
                            "ndis", "nfe", "ng", "nge", "npe", "nve", "ovpnc", "ovpns",
                            "ppp", "pppoe", "pptp", "re", "rl", "sf", "sge", "sis", "sk",
                            "ste", "stge", "ti", "tun", "txp", "udav", "ural", "vge",
                            "vlan", "vmx", "vr", "vte", "vtnet", "xl");

    i don't see cxgbe, The cxgbe driver also covers cxl and cc ?
    but maybe it's not resolved

  • @DustSL - unfortunately I can't confirm if the Chelsio cards will work with ALTQ, but I can say that that they should work fine with limiters: I've setup FQ-CoDel based traffic shaping on a system that has had both T520 and T540 Chelsio cards and never experienced any issues. Hope this helps.

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