Iperf on Wan poor performance

  • Hi everyone!

    I installed Iperf on pfsense and I ran a test through one device from the LAN to the Firewall and another test through one device from the WAN to the firewall.

    The results from the LAN are correct, I get around 900Mbit/s.
    The results form the WAN are very poor, I get around 47Mbit/s.

    On the Firewall side there's a symmetric 600Mbit/s fiber line.
    On the WAN device side there's a symmetric 300Mbit/s fiber line.
    The hardware running pfsense is a Super Micro XG-1537.
    The CPU load is only 1%.
    I ran a speed test via py37-speedtest-cli from the Firewall and I got around 585Mbit/s symmetrically.

    Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    Any help will be very appreciated.

  • LAYER 8

    you should test from one device on the wan to one device to the Lan (and vice versa) and not to pfSense.
    pfSense is a firewall/route and not optimized to work as a client

    Disable hardware checksum offload
    Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload
    Disable Hardware Large Receive Offloading
    reboot and try again

    any additional package like ntopng / darkstat / suricata / snort ?

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