Cron Job MAIL - Status 0x0001

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    I setup syslog reporting for pfsense and was looking through the logs. I found something I don't quite understand. I was hoping someone could guide me through what I am seeing and if it is an issue.

    There is a CRON job that is trying to send mail every 5 minutes, but the log shows an issue. I do have mailreports installed and get a successful daily SMTP email with wan dpinger logs.

    What am I seeing here and what does the 0x0001 mean?

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  • Netgate Administrator

    How and where does that appear in the logs on pfSense?

  • I am seeing it in this directory on a syslog server on Ubuntu. It is grouped with other logs coming from my xg-7100. The timing matches a cron job I found and pasted in the original post.


  • I took another look at the cron jobs on my pfsense and noticed that the job that I thought was causing these entries, was really the one I get every day at 1405. Guessing they are not coming from pfsense and have something to do with the syslog server. Since it the log file lived under the directory pfsense.localhost, I figured that is where it was coming from.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, Ok in cron.log. And that's the only thing in cron.log? Looks like there's more in the log at the pfSense end.
    The email is in fact correctly sent?


  • The 1405 message is correctly sent and received every day since I added mailreport package to my system. I have everything checked in pfsense, transferring to the syslog server. When I turn off syslog in pfsense, the cron log entries stop accumulating in my log server.

  • That is the only thing in the cron log, each with what looks like different process ids.


  • Netgate Administrator

    You could try running that cronjob manually without the '&' and see what output it gives you.

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