WAN flapping on 2.4.5-p1

  • Since installing this version on protectli hardware, my WAN seems to go up and down about every 30 mins. I've verified this is not an ISP issue by installing my firewall(different hardware) with a previous version (2.4.4-p3). So its either a compatibility issue with the hardware, or this version of pfsense.

  • @larold42 Which Protectli model is it?

    Also, if your setup isn't too complicated, you can swap the WAN interface with another, extra interface, on the box, to see if the problem follows the swapped port. If it does, then you for sure have a hardware problem.

  • 4 port, celeron j3160. They just shipped me a new one, and its still having the same issue. I also downgraded versions from -p1 to the 2.4.5 main and i'm still noticing it.

  • If you switched out the router but the problem remains, it sounds like a configuration/software issue or something between the router and the modem/isp equipment. I would start with the basics. When the WAN 'goes down' what is happening? I assume there is no internet, but on the WAN port, does it still have an IP? From a device on the LAN side, can you ping the WAN IP? Is it flapping (up down up down up...) or is it just going down and staying down after about 30 minutes. Since the hardware is different, compared to the old hardware that doesn't do this, a few things to check that may need to be set differently from the old hardware. Under SYSTEM/ADVANCED/NETWORKING- in NETWORK INTERFACES section, make sure hardware checksum, segmentation offload and large receive offload are OFF (checked). Is the service PPPoe? Simple thing, verify correct account information is set. Double check under INTERFACES/WAN that speed and duplex is set to AUTO- but frankly, if I set this on my router, it will flap up and down and just not work. I have to set it to 1000 T Full Duplex for it to remain connected (probably due to the NIC I am using, an old Intel 'server pull') so YMMV. I just changed ISPs, and found that I had to turn off Gateway Monitoring of the IPV6 WAN Gateway or it would it would start dropping packets with high latency, drop out completely, then come back up OK, then latency, dropped packets, link down over and over. I could see it on the Dashboard Gateway Monitor.
    It just sounds strange that it takes about 1/2 hour for a problem to occur in your case though...

  • Ok so to reply to your comment. I returned the Protectli hardware, got a new piece of equipment from ebay, actually more powerful and cheaper after i built it. Noticed right after i installed 2.4.5 base, it started again...... I am very close to ditching pfsense all together now. The WAN gets a latency warning, and then gets a "arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for" followed by the WAN dropping. So far its every 10 mins. It lasts only like 15 seconds max. There is no IP when the WAN drops, its as if i unplugged the cable. So i checked all the changes you suggested, only change i had to make was uncheck the hardware checksum. The rest of it was good to go.
    My new hardware is Jetway HBJC385F551-63U-B which... is probably way overkill for right now. But fiber will be in my locating in my area within the next couple years.

  • @larold42
    What is your internet? Are you behind a cable box or is this something like ATT UVerse (DSL) or something else (fiber)? What is the hardware and service.
    Did you try setting the WAN speed/duplex instead of leaving it on auto sense (INTERFACES/WAN). As I mentioned above, I can't set mine to auto, I had to set it to '1000t full duplex' or it would flap, and I had to also set IPV6 gateway as unmonitored to keep it stable with Spectrum cable internet service (SYSTEM/ROUTING/GATEWAYS/WAN DHCP6/DISABLE GATEWAY MONITORING). Can't hurt to give it a test.

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