Automatic VLAN assignment

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    I have some bridge right before pfSense.
    One side of the bridge (LAN) is in VLAN1 and one side of the bridge is on VLAN 2.
    Clients are sending traffic from VLAN 1 to the default gateway (
    The gateway is a pfSense interface (opt1) which is on VLAN 2.

    This forces all clients sending traffic to the default gateway to go through the bridge.

    All works fine. Except.

    I need a way to have a monitor on the bridge (say that when the bridge fails, - no traffic can pass through -, the interface OPT1 should be placed in to VLAN1 so clients can reach it directly.

    Obviously, when the bridge monitor is back online, VLAN status should be reverted.

    Is it possible with pfSense? Where do I start?

    All the best!

  • @sr10977 said in Automatic VLAN assignment:

    Where do I start?

    i guess by redesigning your network ? unless i'm misunderstanding something ofcourse

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