Need help setting up this way

  • Ok guys so I live on same property as my family. I live in a house and my family is in another house. We split the bill for the net and I'm currently pulling directly. I was wondering what's the best way to use pfsense to grab the internet wirelessly go thru pf and out thru lan and wireless on different subnet. I was thinking about using a alfa wireless card to receive internet as client and maybe a access point router on other end but read pf dont support wireless cards real well. Can anyone help and tell me if this will work or point me to how and what all I need to set this up?

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    We split the bill for the net

    I think you'll find that violates the terms of service.

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    @glidewell2020 said in Need help setting up this way:

    pfsense to grab the internet wirelessly

    That going to limit you to N speeds.. How far are these houses away from each other?

    As to TOS, so you read his contract with his ISP... These dwellings are on the same property. Your saying I can not use the internet in my shed? Since it runs to my house?

    I would agree with you if say his neighbor, on the next property wanted to use his internet and pay for his share..Most isp have can not resell clause, etc.

    Your going to be better off using like a wireless bridge, or client bridge to get your wifi from the other house and then feed it to pfsense..

    What equipment are you currently using for wifi in house 1? When you go to house 2 say with your phone, does it get wifi coverage? What is the speed?

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    As to TOS, so you read his contract with his ISP... These dwellings are on the same property. Your saying I can not use the internet in my shed? Since it runs to my house?

    The relevant issue is 3rd parties. For example here's what my ISPs TOS says:

    Under Prohibited Activities (pg 19)

    xv. use the Services for anything other than your own personal purposes (such as reselling the Services, providing Internet access or any other feature of the Services to any third party) or share or transfer your Services without our express consent;

    Connecting to your shed is not 3rd party use. Sharing with another family is.

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    He didn't say other family, he said his family.

    Ok guys so I live on same property as my family. I live in a house and my family is in another house.

    So your saying if my son lived in my shed, he couldn't use the internet ;)

  • @johnpoz

    I think we need to know more about his situation. Is he actually part of that family unit? Or does he have his own family in a separate house? The latter would likely fail under the TOS. One thing I have heard about is when people rent out basement apartments. That is definitely a separate home, even though it shares a single house. Regardless, that's something he should be considering. I live in a condo, what's to stop me from letting a neighbour use my guest WiFi? Another item in that TOS is about "servers", such as email, etc.. I asked my ISP about that several years ago and was told the intent was to prevent publicly accessible servers, not personal use servers. If that applied to personal use, then it would shut down a lot of very common usage.

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    Which is why I asked you if you read his contract ;)

    He says its the same property, and its his family.. Does it matter if they share expenses, or he pays them X to cover whatever for letting him stay in the what could be a Casita, or pool house, shed, barn, whatever... Its on the same property, and its family - be it he son, 3rd cousin removed.. Or even a 3rd party renter.. If if he is renting the house, and he just a guest using the wifi - just like when your buddy comes over and uses your "guest" wifi, etc.

    Lets forget who or if anyone actually lives in the dwelling, and concentrate on how best to extend the network on property from 1 building to another ;) While it sure can be an interesting topic on if billy is in violation of his tos.. Not sure how it really has anything to do with the technical question.

    Him being in violation of whatever TOS he might of signed is between him and his isp.. Has really nothing to do with the technical question of how to extend network into another building.. Its not like he is asking how to use pfsense to download the latest movie from a pirate site ;)

    There are multiple wireless bridge options that could be used. Or where does this other building get its power? Use of just powerline adapters might be reasonable priced option.

    If budget is not really a concern - something like this would be perfect solution..

    But there are cheaper options.. How much bandwidth do you want between the buildings, what is the size of the internet connection, will you be doing any other network stuff between the buildings - like file copies or streaming video off a plex server, that sort of thing.

  • Didnt know this was going to cause all this but anyways. As far as distance I would have to get a figure but 30 to 50 ft maybe between point 1 to point 2. As of now I'm running a sagecom on point 1 and client bridge set on point 2 using old router on different subnet. It seems to do ok but speed sucks. Ofcourse I know the speed isn't going to be all that great but would like to improve on that a little. Signals are not excellent but on the good side maybe everyone in a while fair but I dont know what my noise levels are right now. I heard pfsense could possibly improve the speed cause I think limitations of ddwrt and netgear routers. All I really use it for is 2 TVs and gaming which runs all the time. I cant load balance using ddwrt because it just doesnt work in client mode

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    Pfsense and wireless not a good fit, not so much because of anything in pfsense. But freebsd have never really be good fit.

    If what you want is speed, you want something designed to be a bridge.. There are options to that unifi building to building I linked too.

    I would never suggest you do anything with a wireless card in pfsense, other than maybe a link to be used as failover wan, or as some sort of out of band access.

    BTW - you didn't cause anything really, me and @JKnott love to tangle words all the time.. Just friendly button pushing ;)

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