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  • Hello everyone! I am working on a school assignment right now, called "case server 2012." The assignment is to create a network for a company with Windows server 2012R2 and Windows 10. I have two server, one with gui and one without a gui. I created a PFsense router in VMware. The server with a gui is using the following ip: The server without a gui is on the following ip: How can I Make sure that these two servers can connect with each other so, the server without a gui can join the domain. I hope you can help me out! Thanks in advance, Martijn.

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    Was part of your assignment to put these servers on different networks and route and firewall between them? If not seems like your over complicating the assignment.

    You mention 2 10.x networks - but you didn't mention what mask you used.. if those are /8 then they are the same network and not going to be able to route between them. If you isolate them by putting them on different actual L2 networks then they would not be able to talk to each other.

    The only thing required to allow devices to talk to each other in pfsense, is connect them to the different network(s) you create in pfsense. And then setup the appropriate firewall rules on each network interface. Nothing extra needed to be done for pfsense to route between multiple networks its directly attached too.


    This is the network diagram,

    This is how I have to make it, but I don't know what I have to do to connect the Ip's with each other

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    You need to create the 2 network interfaces.. be it you want to make 1 wan and 1 lan in pfsense. Or 2 lan side interfaces.

    Issue you run into with using 1 as wan in pfsense for your 2 networks would be pfsense would be default nat..

    Your better off doing 1 of these networks on lan, and then creating another lan side network, opt1 be it physical interface via vnic and vswitch in your VM software or a vlan is up to you.. I would do native if me, less complicated.. vlans on vm software can be a bit tricky

    So on this new opt1 network, just create the network IP range you want to use... And then create firewall rule that allows access to your lan.

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