i5-6500 (3.2 GHz) for Gigabit Fios, Suricata and OpenVPN

  • I'm upgrading my wife's desktop and will now have a spare Optiplex 5040 with an i5-6500 CPU / 8GB RAM / 256 SSD. I am not a network engineer, just a hobbyist. But I would like to take full advantage of my Gigabit connection when using VPN, and I've read Suricata is worth looking at but has a lot of overhead.

    Would this be a good machine if I add a dual or 4 port NIC to it? It currently has a 2 port Dell 10Gbe NIC in it I got off ebay...works well in Windows, no clue if it will work on other OSs (I have a Brocade 6450 and activate the 4 10GBe ports, so awesome transfers through the house).

    Or, can I accomplish my mission with less power draw using a lesser or all-in-one machine?

    Thanks for your feedback. I can find threads about the minimum and medium requirements, but having a tough time finding recent threads (last 6 months) to zero in on hardware allowing me to take advantage of my Gigabit connection.

    If there are used rackmount suggestions, my max length for a rack case is 18".

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • @Optimus-Prime said in i5-6500 (3.2 GHz) for Gigabit Fios, Suricata and OpenVPN:

    Optiplex 5040

    that machine should work just fine on a base level. suricata is a multi-threaded ips..keep in mind that most traffic is encrypted so suricata is probably either going to false positive quite a bit(which will require tuning) or not catch anything. If you REALLY have to have IPS then this machine should be able to do near gigabit with suricata operating. If you decide against ips(i wouldn't bother with it personally)..then something less powerful will easily route gigabit..:)

  • Less powerful and smaller device would be nice, but all the threads I find regarding gigabit talk of not obtaining it with VPN or is from 2017 and not discussing current hardware.

    Would you have recommendations on current, less powerful hardware?

    I don’t have to have Suricate...but would like to have the option.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You won't see the full 1Gbps over a single OpenVPN connection with that but you need something very powerful for that. You might do it with multiple links if you need that.
    It will do everything else you want though.

    Importantly you already have that device! So try it and see. 😉


  • You will easily hit 500/500 Mbps over OpenVPN. I only have 500/500 from my ISP, so i can't test and see if the VPN goes higher.

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