LCDProc changes for NEXCOM - HELP!

  • I posted this under bounties, but thought I'd post it here as well since I haven't gotten too many bites.

    Basically, I have a Nexcom 1088N8 and I'm trying to get the LCD to work.

    For more details, check:,15913.0.html

    I've been working with Nexcom to get this working and they provided me with a modified version of LCDProc. I was able to get LCDProc to run in 1.2.2 Dev, but it will only display the LCDProc server info and I don't know how to connect it to pfSense to manage it or display any stats.

    Below are links to the version of LCDProc Nexcom sent me as well as a picture of the LCD after we got the LCDProc server running.$/$/

    Here is the additional notes they sent:

    ./configure –enable-drivers=nexcom
          Then open the LCDd.conf and change
          driverpath =/usr/local/lib/lcdproc/  (<- the folder stored lcd driver)
          make install

    run server =  LCDd
          run client (dispaly) =lcdproc + parameter.

    Then they also asked that we make sure we have this settings:

    Can you make sure that the LPT port resource with command “dmesg | grep ppc0?
          with Nexcom default LPT IO =378, you have to check it before install.

    For our test condition = FreeBSD 7.0 with BIOS 007, and attached the .conf file which mode from this test to  you.

    What will it take (time/money) to get this version of LCDProc working in pfSense? I would like to be able to configure the LCD/LCM within pfSense so that I do not need to use the Dev versions of pfSense. If someone is willing to help, I don't mind to doing the leg work. If someone would like to do the leg work and get this to a point where I can configure this in the pfSense GUI, I'm more than willing to pay for it. (within reason, of course)



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