10Gb PCIE Card Support required

  • Hi, I currently have a custom built pfsense box which houses a PCIE expansion card with 1 SFP+ connector, I am looking to get this hooked up as the main LAN adapter however the adapter does not appear under the interfaces section of the webgui, however when I ssh into the firewall I can use "pciconf" and view the adapter in the shown output. This leads me to believe that I need to install the driver for the networking card. The Network card is a TRENDnet TEG-10GECSFP REV2.0. Can anyone either tell me how I can go about doing this, or redirect me somewhere that I can get help. Thank you. pcie_x4_SFP10G.png

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    Sounds like there is no driver available for that particular card.

  • I am quite sure there is a driver for this card, it utilizes the Aquantia Atlantic NIC driver, however after a bit more research, it seems it is not available in the current pfsense pkg repos, I am in the process of testing the driver install on a pfsense VM by downloading it to a freebsd VM and manually moving it over to the pfsense VM and installing it locally. I will update this thread if I make any progress.

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    It looks like that NIC should be supported by the driver and the driver was confirmed working 2.5. It was built for 2.4.5p1 also but unconfirmed:


  • @stephenw10 You were correct about it's operability in 2.4.5p1, I did not see any changes after installing the driver, however once I changed the version to the 2.5.0 dev build I was met with this in the results of the pciconf command.pcie_x4_SFP10Gprogress.png It is progress, I am getting more information in the output and it is now recognized as a 10G ethernet adapter, however the adapter still does not show up under available interfaces. Did I miss a step?

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    That's pretty much no difference. It's still an unrecognised device, 'none7'.

    How did you 'install' the driver? Did the kernel module appear to load OK? Did it load in both 2.4.5 and 2.5?

    Try running kldstat to be sure.


  • Oh, I see what you mean, sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff, it does not appear to have loaded when I checked kldstat, as for installing, I loaded up a FreeBSD VM and installed it there using the standard pkg install, then I pulled the tar file from the cache, moved it to the pfsense box and installed it using pkg add.

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    Ok, well I'm not sure exactly what it will have added if you used the package rather than just the module dircetly. But what you need is the kernel module which I imagine is probably named if_aq.ko. The pkg may have put it in /boot/modules or /boot/kernel already do try running: kldload if_aq
    If it put it somewhere else you may need to specify the complete path. Note any errors if it doesn't appear to load and recognise the NIC.


  • After running the kldstat command it turns out the module is not running, however when I attempt to run it, it gives me back an error saying to check the dmesg, after checking, it says "KLD if_atlantic.ko: depends on kernel - not available or version mismatch" followed by "linker_load_file: Unsupported file type" I'm not sure if I do not have the driver installed for the correct version of FreeBSD, I may have accidentally installed the one for FreeBSD 12, I will have to check later in the week however I will be unable to access the firewall for a few days.

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