Throughput on a FX5622

  • Is there anyone that can tell me how high throughput i can expect from a Fabiatech FX5622?
    (Yes, i have googled and found nothing)

    Im looking for a fanless solution that is capable of 100Mb+ throughput.

    Within a year i will have acces to the local "citynet", its a fiber net with capability of 1000Mb+
    in the start we (customers) will be able to get 100/100 feed from that net and next summer (2010) we will be able to get a 200/200 feed.

    It would be really nice to be one step ahead, so when i get the "cabel" installed in my apartment it's just plug&play  ;D

    Maybe you guys have some ideas on other hardware solutions?

  • Depends on what you're going to do with it.  !00Mbit/s through a firewall is pretty easy.  100Mbit/s VPN performance is another thing entirely.

    If you're just talking about firewall performance then I'd say somewhere around 150Mbit/s.

  • It will only be used as a Firewall/Router… maybe with a WiFi card in it.
    No VPN or anything like that.

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