Load balancing only using OPT1?

  • Ok, so we finally talked Bresnan into hooking us up with a second cable connection at the house. We've been trying to get pfSense to loadbalance the two connections, and so far no luck.

    Since the two connections can't have the same gateway, I plugged one of the cable modems into a router and the other straight into the pfSense box. I set up load balancing using Bresnan's gateway for one and the router for the other gateway, with Google's IP address as the monitor address on both. Now we have internet access but it appears to only be using the connection with the router (OPT1). It totally disregards the direct connection (WAN).

    Any ideas? I have a feeling that the pfSense is doing this because it sees Bresnan's gateway downsteam from my router, so the routing table just sends all the traffic down that connection no matter what connection the load balancer thinks it's using. So can I add a static route that says to access the IP of Bresnan's gateway through the WAN interface? I tried doing just that earlier, and it totally broke all internet access, but i'm not sure I did it right.

    Oh and I'm not sure if it matters, but both connections use DHCP. Bresnan's gateway IP has not changed in the years I've had Bresnan, so I think that's not going to be a problem.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Your setup sounds reasonable to me (introducing a "fake" different gateway with a router). What do you use as monitoring IPs? for both connections? Make sure the monitoring IPs are different. You can't use the same monitoring IP for multiple WANs.

  • Ok, that is most likely my problem then. I used the IP address for Google as the monitoring IP for both. I'll change that when I get home from work and see how it goes.