Question: Jetway JNC62K compatibility

  • Hello ;) (excuse my english - it`s not perfect :) )

    I found this itx board and it looks pretty good (price, bios options, capabilities) … BUT it uses Realtek RTL8211B PHY Gigabit Ethernet LAN    and    Realtek RTL8111C PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet LAN. I guess I`ll manage to get 8111C working (hope so...) but what about the PHYceiver? Anyone to help? ???

    If this mo-bo is not suitable... could anyone suggest one (I`m using 100/100mbps and I need some power (>=2GHZ) to handle that bandwidth without the 100% cpu load issues)

  • The Hardware Compatibility List can be found here, from the front page of the pfSense web site.  It looks like the NFE driver may support the RTL8211B chipset.

    Your other solution would be to get a mini-itx board with a 4x PCI-e slot and a dual port Intel Server grade NIC.  That should allow you to "make do" with a lower spec CPU, possibly an Atom based board.

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