• Hello guys/gals,

    I have an odd problem installing pfSense on my machine. I have been running pfSense for years now on the same machine. I have been out of the USA for about 5 months now, my mother has been at my house watching my animals while I am gone. I popped a new HDD in my pfSense box so that my mother could have a computer to use because I did not want anyone using my personal machine. Well I got home last week, and last night I wanted to get my network back up and going. I noticed there was a new release of pfSense, so I downloaded 1.2.3. I went to install it last night using the same setup and HDD that I normally run, install goes great partitioning etc, but when the machine goes to load pfSense, its stuck on the bootloader screen and says pfSense <-> and just sits there….. I have tried multiple HDD's including a SATA drive too but im getting all the same problems on every attempt of install. This is really weird, can someone please advise?

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Did you grab the embedded install by mistake?  Did you read the Wiki on troubleshooting the boot process?

  • I got it up and going. Had to manually set GRUB when installing.

    Thanks though dude