• I've just recently ordered voip and would like to know if i could setup two FreeSwitch Box (FSB), at different locations, forward calls to one another. I would ideally like to have all calls inbound on FSB1 and forwarded to FSB2 if nessessary. Also would it be possible to configure the two locations in the same group to ring at the same time.

    any help / direction would be greatly apperaicated

  • Two Methods can be used:

    SIP Registration:
    You can make calls from one FreeSWITCH system to another simply by creating an extension on one FreeSWITCH system and on the other FreeSWITCH system you setup a gateway that registers to the extension on the first system. Then you can setup and use the Gateway like you would any other Gateway. You can then reverse the process and have equal access to call between both systems.

    Non Registration: (SIP URI)
    Another way is to use a SIP URI to the other system from the dialplan tab. The remote system that is being called would need a route set from the public tab to allow and direct the call. This could be done on both sides. Allowing calls to be moved from one system to another.