Slow File Transfer and High CPU Load

  • I've installed pfsense 1.2.3 RC1 on my old pc rig and it has 3 NICs installed. 1 NIC is for the WAN interface and the other 2 NIC is used for LAN (, The LAN NICs are the same linksys gigabit NIC running at 1000Mbps Full Duplex on CAT6 cables to a gigabit switch as well. The problem now is when I tried to copy a file from on subnet, the speed I can achive at maximum is only 50MB/s. Whereas if I copied from a computer on the same subnet it can achieve maximum gigabit speeds. Not only that, when the file transfer was in progress the cpu load on pfsense was up to 50% as well and it also increased latency on all other devices on the network. Are there any specific settings that I have to do to resolve this issue  ???

    btw here's the pc rig spec running pfsense
    Intel Pentium 4 3.0ghz HT
    1GB RAM DDR400
    1x Realtek on board gigabit NIC
    2x Linksys gigabit NIC (EG1032) (PCI)

    WAN->pfsense->(LAN Gigabit Switch->Other PCs
                                                                            ->Asus Wireless Router (running dd-wrt)
                       ->(OPT1 Gigabit Switch->Server farm

  • a) You have 3 Realtek NICs. These are among the worst GigE NICs available, and performance reflects that.
    b) You've got (at least) 2 NICs on the PCI bus, which is only a 1067mbit bus - all attached NICs must share this bandwidth, so your 50MB/s is probably saturating the PCI

    You need better hardware for gigabit performance. At the very least moving the NICs to PCIe.

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