• Hi all,

    First of all, apologies - I should not be posting this without trying the system first, but I am at a juncture that I cannot help.

    I am moving away from IPCop since it does not support multiple WAN connections. I know that the features of pfsense mentions OpenVPN, but can I ask: Is OpenVPN available by default in the standard installer or do I have to install it later?

    The other question: What about the admin GUI? is there also available OpenVPN administration in the WebGUI available? E.g. IPCop has a packing tool from this package called zerina, i.e. simple administrative stuff, e.g. adding a roadwarrior?

    Thanks a lot! Apologise again.

    Kind regards.

  • Yes, OpenVPN is fully a part of the pfSense webGUI configurator.