Problem connecting 2 roadwarriors to same pfsense endpoint

  • Hello,

    I have a problem I can't solve at this moment. In our company we have 2 users with shrew IPsec client and they try to connect from one location to a remote subnet with PFsense as gateway/IPsec endpoint. One user can connect but then the second user gets a timeout. When the first user disconnects his shrew connection the second user can connect after a few minutes. But now the first user can't connect anymore. I have used NAT-T but this doesn't seem to do the trick and a PFsense on the location they try to conect from is NOT an option. Can somebody help me with this problem? Thanks.

  • If anyone has found the solution can they please post it?  I have ran across this same issue.  I have tried everything i can think of… nothing seems to fix this issue.